The Gatehouse

The Building

The Gatehouse at 50 Cathedral Square, originally known as the Superintendent’s House, is a Category A listed building which dates from the mid-late 19th century. It forms part of the ‘grand processional way’, from Cathedral Square to the Necropolis which was designed by Glaswegian architects, James Hamilton (the partner of his father David). The Gatehouse has been on the Buildings at Risk Register since November 2010, shortly after the last park ‘superintendent’ moved out and the building has remained vacant and derelict since.

The Project

The project is to repair and rehabilitate the building to create a base for The Society of Friends of Glasgow Cathedral (The Friends) and establish a welcoming and widely accessible place for local people and visitors to learn about and engage with the heritage of the Gatehouse, the Cathedral and their wider surroundings.


The Society of Friends of Glasgow Cathedral is a charitable organisation established in 1936. 


Architect: John Gilbert Architects
Cost Consultant: Gardiner & Theobald
Structural Engineer: David Narro Associates
Service Engineer: Forbes Leslie Network

Main Contractor

None appointed to date.

Project Costs

Works Cost – £680,000.00
Total Project Cost – £1.2million

Current Situation

We are working with the Friends to understand their needs and help deliver their vision for the building. The Design Team was appointed in August 2012 and since then we have undertaken surveys of the building to establish its condition and repair needs and to develop provisional options for its reuse. We are currently undertaking stakeholder and community consultation on the early proposals.