Wellpark School

The Building

This building was opened in 1867 as the Wellpark Institute, providing free education to amongst others, the children of brewery workers employed by the neighbouring Tennent’s Wellpark Brewery. The architect of the building is unconfirmed but some sources connect it with James Thomson, designer of several other Glasgow schools. The school comprised two classrooms, a large hall which doubled as a mission house, a ‘school for industry for girls’, a reading room, library and a dwelling house for the teacher. The handsome Italianate building is Category B-listed.

The Project

Throughout the 20th century the school roll steadily decreased and eventually the school was closed in 1959. The building had a number of temporary uses until it was vacated permanently in 1987. The Trust undertook a feasibility study on the building in 1991 by which time it was significantly fire damaged, vandalised and semi-roofless. Between 1992-6 the Trust organised and oversaw the major repairs and conversion of this landmark building which involved the insertion of a new, 3-level frame behind the badly fire-damaged shell and the introduction of a boldly modern interior.

In 1996 the Wellpark Enterprise Centre was officially opened, initially as a women’s business and enterprise centre. The project demonstrated a successful conversion of an historic building which combines the character of the original building with high-quality modern design, creating a unique and vibrant place for a range of organisations.


Architect: Elder and Cannon
Cost Consultant: Armour Construction
Structural Engineer: Petrie Robertson Design

Main Contractor

Hall & Tawse Limited

Landwise (Landscape Contractor)

Project Costs

Total Project Cost – £1,195,874


European Regional Development Fund, the Glasgow Development Agency, Historic Scotland, Strathclyde Regional Council, Glasgow District Council and the Architectural Heritage Fund.

Date Completed

March 1996