Surveys complete at the West Boathouse

Over the Easter break, the rowing clubs emptied the boat bays of the West Boathouse to enable extensive and disruptive surveys to be undertaken.  Whilst some trial pits had been opened up in December 2015, it was important to inspect as much of the timber substructure as possible so that consultants could fully understand the nature and condition of the structure.

The development period work and activity is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Architectural Heritage Fund, Glasgow City Council, William Grant Foundation, a private donation, the Spirit of Calton fund and 197 donations through the MyPark Scotland public appeal.

Empty boat bays in advance of excavations


Consultants discuss the extent of excavations required with the contractor


Steve Wood of David Narro Associates (structural engineers) explains the structure to club volunteers and consultant teams.


The extent of disruption was significant as a total of 23 pits were opened internally across the week.


Exposed foundation to south (riverside) elevation showing ground beams meeting timber pile.


Exposed foundation underneath central posts showing both layers of timber ground beams which tie the tops of the timber piles together.


Exposed foundation to side elevation showing extent of decay to timbers


Exposed foundation to north elevation showing extent of decay to ground beams at the Glasgow Green side of the building and later alterations to the foundation (brick dwarf wall).

We have prepared a video with Steve Wood explaining the timber substructure


Information collected from all survey work will inform the strategy for the sensitive repair and adaptation of the building.  The provisional costs for the substructure of the building are significant and this survey work helps to clarify and confirm anticipated costs and thereby reducing risks to the project.

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